With the right help picky eaters can learn to eat a variety of tastes, textures, temperatures and colors.

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Comprehensive Assessment

First a comprehensive assessment is completed in order to evaluate all eight areas that influence a child's ability to learn to eat successfully:
 1) Medical and nutritional
 2) Motor skills
 3) Values and beliefs
 4) Sensory and emotional processing
 5) Behavior and communication
 6) Environmental
 7) Social
 8) Cognitive
Collaboration with a child's pediatrician and/or Gastroenterologist is an important aspect of the assessment of a child's medical and nutritional status because underlying medical conditions (such as GERD) greatly impact a child's ability to eat. 

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (completed by Trace Elements Inc.) is used to fully screen a child's current nutritional status and determine a plan to improve overall nutrition.  Please visit www.TraceElements.com for more details and to see sample reports including graphs and interpretive reports.


End Picky Eating utilizes the S.O.S. (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to feeding along with other sensory motor techniques. The S.O.S. Approach is a developmental approach that uses the steps that children naturally progress through when learning to eat. Because it is a play based approach, children have fun while learning to eat a wide range of flavors, textures, temperatures and colors.

Individual therapy sessions
are available to address the specific needs of your child.  One hour sessions are typically completed on a weekly basis until you feel comfortable applying the program at home on your own.  Session frequency can then be decreased until your child has achieved his or her goals and you feel confident and relaxed about meals at home and in public.

Small group sessions may be available to capitalize on the positive influence of peer interaction and modeling. Contact Becky for current openings.